In the period 2019-2020 we plan a great tour of the Atlantic, where we expect the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean until reaching the Caribbean. Then we plan to visit the Antilles and the Bahamas and sail north along the US Atlantic coast to New York.

From New York we plan to sail more to the north, following the summer to arrive in Greenland and from there back to Europe via Iceland.

The sailing will be a combination of cruises, crossings and stops in some cities, where the boat will be used as a base to explore the countries visited.

For this great journey we seek interested people to join us to share a cruise, a voyage or to spend time in a big city for a bit of tourism.

The planned route comprises several legs unlocking unique and special experiences.


Crossing the Mediterranean

From June to September 2019 we will sail the Mediterranean sea bound to Portugal, passing through Sardinia and the Balearics. The navigation will be mainly inspired by the classic Mediterranean cruise: daily transfers, natural harbours and a gorgeous sea in some of the most beautiful places that this sea has to offers.

Atlantic crossing

From October to December 2019 we will be sailing along the route of Christopher Columbus, to discover America. After a stop in Lisbon, where we will visit Portugal, we will set sails to the Canary Islands, the starting point of the crossing along the route of the Atlantic trade winds. The Atlantic crossing is planned between November and December.


Between late 2019 and March 2020 we plan to explore the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas, with final destination Miami. Caribbean sailing means beautiful locations with crystal clear warm waters, and lots of sun. Perfect for a Christmas vacation.

United States of America

Between April and May 2020 we plan to visit the United States traveling by boat. The Atlantic coastline lends itself to this type of tourism. From Miami we will set sails north cruising on open sea or along the quiet Intracoastal Waterway: a long series of waterways that connect the major cities of the US Atlantic coast. Among the cities that we plan to visit Miami, Norfolk, Washington, Annapolis and New York.


In June 2020 we plan to leave New York to sail further north toward Newfoundland, the starting point to visit Greenland. Between late June and August we will sail the West coast of Greenland up to Disko Bay, home to the largest land glacier that flows into the sea. From Greenland we will set sails for the return voyage to Europe by visiting Iceland.


In the month of August 2020 we will sail the coast of Iceland, another destination of great interest: the land of volcanoes and green grasslands. We day-sail along the coast and stop in the capital Reykjavik to visit the island.

North Atlantic crossing

September 2020 will be the last leg of our journey with an exciting crossing of the North Atlantic, returning to Europe (Lisbon).

The program is full and rich of sailing and tourism experiences suitable for all tastes. We recommend to anyone who wants to join us to plan long periods of stay (one / two months or more). So you can thoroughly enjoy this seaside experience.

More details on the proposed routes of this journey across the Atlantic to the following links:

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