NECTON – all in a name

When born we are strongly attached to something. The mother’s womb with the cozy family tranquility. In early youth we are bentos (defining in biology all marine species linked to the bottom that do not move) and our surfing in the ocean of life is limited and cautious. Everything is dark and threatening and adventure is felt dangerous and we find tranquility is in the certainty of the things that surround us.

By leave our first youth we start our wandering in the sea of life were we are transported by currents and tides that run through the history of mankind. Then we become plankton (defining in biology all marine species that migrate and move thanks to the wind and the currents) and our surfing in the ocean of life is random, inspired by the overwhelming and momentary passions that disrupt our lives. The adventure is sometimes irresponsible rush to unrealistic destinies.

The day will come for us to cross a line that stands along the arc of the horizon: The shadow line. Leaving our youth we have to cross it in order to make our adventure something big and less random.

When we cross the thin line of the shadow line we become necton (defining in biology all marine species that blend into the sea vastness on the basis of a conscious impulse, a precise determination of direction) and our surfing in the ocean of life becomes inspired by will and determination making adventure a path of our journey. Odds always plays their part in shuffling the cards of our life but necton is determined action, concrete desire, mature experience to the service of the horizons we have set. Our adventure is no longer a hypothesis, but an active process. This is NECTON.

NECTON – information about the boat

Necton is a newly designed cutter, built for offshore sailing that combines security, autonomy and comfort. This one-off boat is made of aluminum with three watertight bulkheads, a short draft fixed keel that incorporates centerboard and a rudder with skeg.

NECTON, 3D model

Detail of the construction of the boat

The concentration of weights amidships is one of the distinctive elements of this boat: anchor chain is collected in the saloon; engine and structural fuel and water tanks are placed amidships. These design features, together with the narrow beam, ensure to the boat a remarkable seaworthiness making navigation and sailing pleasant. To ensure visibility in all conditions from inside a scenic deck-house make the boat’s deck.

With Necton a modern and bright design joins with the rigorous search of safety and reliability in navigation: essential qualities for a boat designed for high-ocean sailing at high latitudes, even in icy conditions.

Shallow-draft fixed keel fixed to reach the most remote bays. The keel incorporates a centerboard which brings the draft to 3,5mt to improve stability and improving upwind efficiency.


The rudder with skeg, robust and reliable.

Detail of the watertight door that divides the forward cabin from the rest of the boat. Forward cabin and sail locker are two watertight compartments that are combined with other two aft watertight compartments: the swimming platform and the stern lockers.

The remarkable watertight compartmentalization of the boat is designed for sailing at high latitudes (in presence of ice) or in the unexplored areas where there are no reliable nautical charts.

NECTON, interior. Two double cabins aft with shared bathroom. Generous chart table. Dinette and kitchen. Bathroom and forward cabin. Autonomy and comfort characterize this boat that can accommodate up to four guests in two double cabins with shared bathroom, while the owners have a cabin and a private bathroom in the bow.

The sail plan is versatile with a genoa and a self tacking jib permanently armed on furlers, whereas the mainsail is reefed from the cockpit, where all the lines are controlled.

Detail of the stoppers on the deckhouse. All the lines of the boat are controlled from the cockpit.

The bow is clear, to provide a convenient area for sunbathing. In addition to the Genoa the Jib is self-tacking, simplifying navigation with strong winds. A deck-house creates a bright environment. The anchor chain runs below deck to be collected under the dinette, contributing to the exceptional stability of the boat.

A double helm provides excellent visibility in navigation and helps to make the cockpit spacious and comfortable for the crew both at sea and at anchor.

The boat is equipped with fridge, freezer and 220V electric current distributed in the guest cabins. The water tanks (550Lt) and diesel (800Lt) guarantee a great range, allowing for long trips before the need of refiling arises.

The two aft cabins are spacious, bright and comfortable with ample stowage areas.

The aft head

The chart table, from where you can drive the boat in bad weather and the bright dinette.

The kitchen with deep refrigerator and freezer.

Working on Necton

This is a video showing the boat building

NECTON – technical information


EU category A: High Seas

This is a boat designed for extended voyages, in which the wind force may exceed 8 (Beaufort scale) and significant waves height greater than 4 meters. It is a largely self-sufficient vessel.

Hull and deck


Insulated with closed cell foam 10 cm

Main dimensions

Hull length: 13,60 mt

Width: 4,00 mt

Minimum draft: 1,60 mt

Maximum draft: 3,50 mt

Weight 13,6 Ton


Three cabins with double beds

Two bathrooms with shower

Large chart table

Bright dinette


Tools locker and work table

Fans in cabins and dinette

USB sockets for charging in cabins and dinette


Eight people liferaft

Backup Garmin GPS (2)

Medical kit

Surgery kit

Electric bilge pump

Manual bilge pump

Watertight compartments number 4

Fire extinguishers

Carbon monoxide alarm system CO

Gas leak alarm system

Solenoid valve for gas cylinders remote control with automatic shut-off in the event of a gas leak

Seat belts

Life line

Rockets and emergency and safety equipment for navigation over 50 Miles

Plumbing and bathrooms

Outdoor shower with hot and cold water

Showers in the heads

Hot water in bathrooms, kitchen and showers


Three burners stove




Propane Gas 2 x 6 kg

Camping gas 2 x 3 Kg


Water 550 Lt

Diesel 800 Lt

Daily fuel tank 90 Lt

Black water 114 Lt

Engine, propeller and steering

Diesel engine, 4-cylinder, 87 hp

Folding propeller with variable pitch (Autoprop)

Rudder with skeg, twin steering wheel

Sail pan

Four battens mainsail with free base, 55 m2 with 3 reefs

Genoa 53 m2

Self-tacking jib 27 m2

Storm jib 15 m2

120 m2 Gennaker

Deck plan

2 main winches

2 secondary winches

2 winch on the deckhouse

1 mast winch

Spinnaker pole


Forestay 12 mm

Backstay 10 mm

Diagonal low and high (D1 and D3) 10 mm

Diagonal (D2) 8 mm

Vertical Low (V1) 12 mm

Vertical (V2) 10 mm

Anchor line

Rokna 40Kg main anchor, 100 m chain

Stern anchor Delta 20 kg, 30 m chain and 50 mt line

Bow electric anchor winch

Aft electric anchor winch

Lines 200 mt

Electrical system

Services batteries 575 Ah / 12V

Engine battery 115 Ah / 12V

Isolating transformer 110V / 220V

2Kw inverter

Wind generator

Solar Panel


Chart plotter



Echo / log / wind





satellite phone Iridium

Other equipment


Tender with rigid hull and 4 stroke engine