We are excited about the sea and sailing and our passion for the sea has turned into a life experience that we love to share with friends that visit us during our cruise.

Our website owes its name to “la velella” or “Barchetta of St. Peter” (By the wind sailor): a marine organism that sails the seas sea, just like our boat.

Before we set sail with NECTON we circumnavigated several times Corsica and Sardinia with SHADOW LINE, our beautiful First based in Tuscany.

Then the desire to sea and to explore the world has grown and with it the ambition of a boat more suited to the oceans: thus was born NECTON, the cutter with which we explored much of Greece and Croatia.


Because our dream is to reach the polar latitudes, NECTON is designed for the oceans, even in the presence of ice. This goal seems distant and impossible, but hopefully we will get there.

Meanwhile, we are happy to share our passion and love for nature and the sea with all the friends that visits us. We are not fans of worldliness and bustle why we like quiet bays, small harbors and we love to explore the places we visit to learn about cultures and traditions. We like to enjoy the world and its beauty, but without abuse. The sailboat allows us to do so, respecting the nature that welcomes us generous.

To navigate with Necton crew is not required a great sailing experience but if you want to increase your knowledge and experience, the skipper is happy to share its experience and to involve the crew in maneuvering and navigation.

Into the wind

Video on NECTON sailing (2015-2016)

A sailboat is a very safe environment and this is especially true with a boat as NECTON, designed and built with the construction parameters required for a vessel that can sail in any sea of the world, even in difficult conditions, above force 8.

One of the most feared inconveniences, when going to the sea, is the possibility to suffer. Seasickness, for those who have tried it, is not a nice experience. NECTON is a very special boat in this regard as it offers much higher stability values of the other boats. This favors gentle rolling motions and pitch, helping our body to accustoms with the sea and reducing the feeling of seasickness: conditions that can give rise to seasickness on a standard production boat with NECTON can be faced with tranquility.

NECTON is designed as our house on the sea, where we want to be comfortable and safe while sailing far away.

We are not interested in racing and the race against time, but we want to sail in all conditions, without too much effort.

NECTON offers bright environment and great autonomy because we do not want to spend our time looking for ports where to refill water or recharge batteries. The boat is energy self-sufficient without the need for a generator. To produce the energy we need, it is enough the wind generator and the solar system. Capacious water tanks also allow us to navigate autonomously for long periods without the need for frequent refilling.

On the boat you can charge your mobile by taking advantage of the current at 220V or with USB ports available in the guest cabins.

The skipper is responsible for the boat and the crew is called to contribute to his government on the basis of directives and information provided by him.

The crew takes care of the kitchen, the washing-up after meals and contributes to the management of the galley. During the cruise the crew in turn takes care of the order, hygiene and cleaning of the boat. Guests are responsible for the care and cleaning of their own room and bathroom during the cruise.


The trips we offer are indicative and we are happy to customize cruises based on the needs of the friends who join us. The skipper, in agreement with the crew will decide, based on weather conditions and crowding of the bays, which route to follow.

What to bring onboard – short cruise

The following applies for a cruise of 7-10 days. For shorter periods reduce your luggage.

  • One small size bag / backpack –  not rigid to facilitate stowage
  • Oilskin or windbreaker type Kway
  • Boat Shoes or gym shoes with white rubber, slippers or sandals (no clogs and shoes with heels)
  • A heavy and a light pants
  • A pair of shorts
  • A heavy fleece
  • A light fleece
  • Short-sleeved cotton shirts
  • Swimsuits, sarongs, etc ..
  • Cotton socks, a heavy pair
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries bag
  • Towel small
  • Bath towel large
  • Intimate wipes
  • Small individual pharmacy as needed
  • Seasickness pills if you suffer from the disease
  • Sun hat, possibly with visor
  • Mask, fins and snorkel
  • Battery chargers for cameras and camcorders

Recharge of phones and cameras

The cabins are equipped with USB and 220V power outlets for charging phones and cameras.


Suggestion: 10 Kg of luggage are sufficient

Sheets and pillowcases are supplied